In Reydimobel we pay special attention to the quality of the products we add to our portfolio. To do that, we look deeply into the quality of raw materials and production processes, which for us is paramount. This active involvement has also contributed to our success, since we have managed to offer resistant and durable products for a market with aggressive conditions for the outdoor furniture, such as the Canarian market.

Being able to achieve this result, has been the fruit of the hard work done with our manufacturers in order to develop our own quality standards and manufacturing methods. The products Reydimobel offer, have been manufactured with a superior quality to withstand the aggressive UV rays (to avoid color fading), salt spray (to avoid rust and abrasion), temperature changes (to avoid deformation and brittleness), heavy use, etc.

Nowadays, after 25 years in the indoor and outdoor professional furniture market, we have been able to create a product offer with more than 2,500 items, with all types or finishes, colors, designs and materials. All this with a common denominator: an exceptional and verified QUALITY.