From its beginning, Reydimobel’s business philosophy has always been based on giving our customers the fastest and most efficient service possible, as well as offering a wide range of products and the best quality/price relationship in the market. Nevertheless, our philosophy goes even further and is based on the teamwork and the well-doing of our staff. Reydimobel’s team is made up of well trained professionals with extensive experience in this market and the products we distribute. It’s a team of qualified, involved and motivated individuals who take their customers’ demands at heart.

Each and every member in our company is responsible for all the satisfactions and successes achieved in these 25 years, as well as making possible for the company to accomplish its business philosophy. This said, all of Reydimobel’s staff, together with our customers are the achievers of our success: being able to make Reydimobel the leader in The Canaries and 2nd in the whole of Spain in the Hospitality and Contract furniture market, and also being able to have more than 8,000 satisfied customers who put their trust in Reydimobel.