Reydimobel was founded by Pedro Santos in 1989 to meet the demands of an important market: professional hospitality furniture. There was an important demand for such products, yet very little offer, due to the existing oligopoly (market with few competitors) at the time.
In the light of this situation, Pedro Santos decides to bank on this sector and, after a thorough market research, invests in it with a business strategy based on the three basic pillars of modern sales:

1) Offer a wide range of products in order to satisfy most tastes and needs. This way, our customers would always be able to choose products different to those of their competitors’.

2) Be able to offer a fast and efficient service, so that customers wouldn’t have to suffer long delivery times due to the insularity.

3) The best price/quality relationship in the market to be able to reach all types of budgets and get the satisfaction and fidelity of our customers.

These three points are the backbone on which Reydimobel have been developing its work over the years, thus becoming a serious, solvent, trusted and efficient supplier for more than 8,000 customers.